Tips for traveling alone

How many times have you wanted to go on a trip, but finally you have not done it because with the person or people you wanted to go they could not? How many times have you had a few days of vacation that did not coincide with anyone and you have not gone on a trip for fear of going alone?

Surely you have heard that a friend or acquaintance has traveled alone and you think How brave! But the moment you consider traveling by yourself, you are presented with the most typical questions: what if I get lost? What if something happens to me? What if i get bored? What if I get sick?

Do not worry! Aerobús gives you the push you need to start enjoying your solitude and discovering the world alone.

There are a lot of advantages to traveling alone. Start by you don’t have to wait for confirmation from anyone, you can plan the trip however you want and improvise.

In addition, it is a great opportunity to be alone with yourself, with your thoughts and know yourself more. The good thing about traveling alone is that you meet a lot of people and you really aren’t alone the whole trip. Also, it is an opportunity to practice languages.

In short, it is a great opportunity to learn and grow. It is true that you have to be alert and trust your instincts. The following tips will help you decide and embark on the adventure.


  • Find out about the destination you are going to visit

It is important that you do your research on which countries are safest and the destination you want to go to. Find out well which neighborhoods are the safest, the means of transportation they have and if they are safe, and if there is a dress code. You can ask friends and acquaintances about their experiences in certain countries. Read traveler blogs, this can help you a lot to finish deciding your destination.


  • Plan your trip well

Another tip is that you plan your trip well and more if it is the first time you travel alone. The main points that you should see are in which accommodations you are going to stay, in which means of transport you are going to move, what tourist attractions you are going to visit, and if you make a route, how long will you stay in each place. That will give you security and peace of mind, it will even help you save on your trip.


  • Keep a copy of your important documents

Another way to travel with more peace of mind is to carry an electronic copy of your important documents. Like the passport, identity document, visas and vaccination certificates, scan the documents and send them to your email and upload them to the cloud. Thus, if you suffer a theft or loss, it will be easier to obtain new documents.


  • Keep your trusted people informed

When deciding where to go, let your family or trusted people know about your plans. Also, tell them what itinerary you are going to do and once you are traveling, try to notify when you arrive at the places and explain how you feel. This does not mean that you are all the time pending the mobile and reporting all the time. In the end, the trip is to disconnect and enjoy.


  • Do not neglect your belongings

When you travel, try to be attentive to your belongings, trying to show the minimum of value such as mobile, camera, laptop, wallet, etc. Also, try to always carry a lockwith you to be able to store things you don’t want to carry during your sightseeing in lockers.


  • Trust your instinct

Nobody knows you more like yourself. And in this adventure you will get to know yourself even more. Therefore, if there are places or people that do not convey confidence to you, listen to yourself and walk away. That does not mean that you distrust everyone and do not talk to anyone, but simply do not go to places that do not give you a good feeling and you do not feel safe. As you travel alone, you can change your route, accommodation, transportation whenever you want. Listen to your instincts.


  • EXTRA TIP! Wear clothes with secret pockets

A trick that you should know and is very practical is that there are garments or accessories with secret pockets. There are all kinds, from scrunchies, handkerchiefs, scarves, fanny packs, belts. So you can keep money or things of value in unexpected places and you will feel calmer.


Now that you know all the tips, you are ready to start this new adventure. The most important thing is that you are determined to do it, you feel good and that you enjoy yourself. Do not wait for others.

Surely you have heard this phrase many times: “The worst regret is for what you never did.”

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