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In our FAQs section you can find answers to your questions about our service so that your Aerobus journey between the airport and the city of Barcelona is as comfortable as possible.

Travel and service

Schedule and stops

The line A1 it leaves from Plaça Catalunya and stops at Carrer Sepúlveda, Plaça Espanya until it reaches Terminal 1 where it stops at Arrivals and Departures. The return stops at Plaça Espanya, Gran Via – Borrell, Plaça Universitat and ends at Plaça Catalunya. .

Line A2 departs from Plaça Catalunya and stops at Carrer Sepúlveda, Plaça Espanya to Terminal 2B. The return stops at Terminal T2C, Plaça Espanya, Gran Via – Borrell, Plaça Universitat and ends at Plaça Catalunya.

You can check the available lines and timetables in the Lines andtimetables section.

No, this stop is only available for the return trip, from the airport to the centre of Barcelona.

No, this stop is only available for the return trip, from the airport to the centre of Barcelona.

No, none of the Aerobús lines stops at Barcelona-Sants Station.

Puedes consultar todas las paradas disponibles en la sección de Líneas y horarios.You can check all the available stops in the Lines and timetables section.

No, none of the Aerobús lines stops at Barcelona Nord Station.

Puedes consultar todas las paradas disponibles en la sección de Líneas y horarios.You can check all the available stops in the Lines and timetables section.

The journey takes approximately 30-35 minutes, depending on when you get the bus.

The main difference between line A1 and line A2 is the airport terminal in which they have their origin or destination:

  • The A1 line starts/ends in terminal T1.
  • The A2 line starts/ends in terminal T2B and T2C.

You should check with your airline which terminal you flight, so you can know which Aerobus line you should use.

The Aerobús operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

You can check the service frequencies in theLines and schedules section.

Yes, we have a night service, Aerobús is available24 hours a day.

You can check the frequency of Sundays and public holidays in Lines and timetables section.

Yes, whether you are travelling on the Aerobús or waiting for someone travelling on the service, you can check all the information you need in real time on the website and the app.

In addition, we have informative totems in the center of Barcelona where this information will be displayed, as well as inside the buses themselves.


Yes, there is a space reserved inside for wheelchairs, buggies, bicycles and large luggage

If there is an incident with your luggage, fill out the incident formon the website or call Customer Service at 900 92 96 92.

The company will not be liable for any damage and/or deterioration of hand luggage, nor in the event of theft, loss or misplacement.

Traveling with animals

Pets are allowed to travel as long as they are transported in cages/carriers of appropriate and approved dimensions. They must always travel in the same service as the carer and only one animal per ticket is allowed. The animal must be transported under the responsibility of its carer.

For more information on the requirements, see the general conditions of the transport service .

People who need it can travel with their assistance dog as long as it complies with the terms contemplated in Royal Decree 1544/2007, of November 23, which regulates the basic conditions of accessibility and non-discrimination for access and use of modes of transport for people with disabilities.

Traveling with children

Children under 4 years old travel for free 

Children under the age of four must always travel accompanied by an adult. Otherwise, the minor’s access to the service will not be allowed.

It is recommended that users from four to twelve years old always travel accompanied by an adult, although they will be allowed to travel alone as long as they have the corresponding authorization from their parents or guardians and the requirements established in the general conditions of the transport service.

Likewise, it is important that you bear in mind that there are no auxiliary personnel in charge of caring for the minor, and that transportation will be carried out under the full responsibility of the minor’s father, mother or guardian.

Movilidad segura

At Aerobús we have implemented a protocol against COVID-19 where several measures promoted by the company have been established, such as the daily disinfection of buses, the installation of a continuous air renewal system, secure payment through cards or in vending machines, etc.

In addition, the mask is no longer mandatory in public transport. We recommend using the mask in the case of symptoms compatible with the flu, covid-19 or other respiratory diseases.

You can find more information about the safe mobility here.

No, for safety reasons it is not allowed to eat during the journey.

Yes, we have online sales on the website and in the app. You can also shop safely at the vending machines available in the center of Barcelona and at the airport terminals to avoid queues and crowds when accessing the bus.


All our buses are adapted and have a ramp for people with reduced mobility. Our vehicles can accommodate wheelchair and ambulant passengers simultaneously.

It is not necessary to fold the wheelchair as the person can travel seated in the wheelchair in the area provided, always fastened by the seat belts.

If you prefer, you can travel with the chair folded and placed in the luggage area and travel seated in a seat reserved for people with reduced mobility.

On board

Yes, all our buses have free Wi-Fi throughout the journey.

During the trip you will be given the wifi password to be able to access to the internet from your device.

Yes, all our seats have USB chargers for different electronic devices.

Yes, on the buses we have the Núvol TV channel where travelers can check the stops, exchanges with other transport services, service rules, as well as the time and real-time information on the flights and the service itself. You can also find out about the main events in Barcelona.

We have hybrid vehicles and electric buses. We have hybrid vehicles and electric buses, as well as auxiliary vehicles that are 100% electric.

No, our buses do not have toilets.

City buses are not legally required to have seat belts.

The law (RD 445/2006) requires seat belts in all intercity and long-distance vehicles manufactured after 20 October 2007.

Fares and tickets

Rates and discounts

You can check the different rates and discounts available in the rates section.

Large families and single parents will enjoy a  discount on the single Aerobús ticket of 50% or 20% depending on category.

This ticket is available only on board and through the bus stop staff. You need to present the following certifying documents (originals and valid):

• Identity card, residence card or passport.
• The single parent or large family card (family or individual card) issued by the Generalitat de Catalunya or the large family card issued by any other autonomous community.

At the time of sale, those benefitting from the discount must have a valid document proving their identity (the holder’s identity card, residence card or passport) and the document certifying they are a member of a single parent or large family of a general or special category.

Ticket purchase and management

You can check all the points of sale available in the section of points of sale.

Tickets can be purchased online on the website and on the app. Also, you can buy your ticket in situ by cash (maximum change 20 euros) or credit card at ticket vending machines distributed in Pl. Catalunya and in the Airport T1 and T2, from our bus stop staff located at the stops and on board of the bus.

It is very simple.

You just have to select the type and number of tickets you need and add them to your shopping bag. Once you have selected everything you need, you should follow the sale step by step.

You will have to provide your personal information, your email address where you will receive the tickets and the payment method you prefer.

Once the purchase has been completed, you will receive an email confirmation of the sale as well as a summary of everything you have bought. You must provide your name and surname, an email address where you can receive the tickets and select the payment method you prefer.

Once the purchase is made, you will receive in your email the confirmation of the sale, as well as a summary of your entire order. /

In order to be able to cancel your ticket through our  web you should go to “My account” section and access by entering your credentials. Then, click on “Orders” and you will be able to see all the purchases made. Click on “Cancellations and refund” on the one order you want to make the refund. 

The ticket will not be admitted
and you will not have the right to the refund of any amount,
if the ticket has been used (complete or partial) or it has been used
the 90 day validity period has been exceed from the date of purchase.

Tickets shall be valid for 90 days from the date of purchase.

For round-trip tickets, the validity of the return ticket is another 90 days from the date of the outbound trip.

Through the web and the app, you can buy your ticket in advance and use it up to 90 days after purchase.

It is not possible to make a reservation.

You do not need to print your ticket before you travel. You can validate your ticket from your mobile phone or electronic device to the driving staff, who will directly scan the QR code.

Yes, you can buy a return ticket and use it from the other terminal.

Both the digital and printed tickets have a QR code that must be validated when accessing the bus. The return tickets will work with the same QR code.

To obtain the invoice for your ticket, send an email to info@aerobusbarcelona.es along with your tax information and the Aerobús ticket.

Combined tickets: Hola Barcelona Travel Card + Aerobús

The combined ticket (both digital and printed) will come with a QR code that corresponds to the Aerobús ticket and must be validated at the entrance to the bus.

Then, to use the Hola Barcelona Travel Card, you will find a voucheron your ticket that you can change at any Barcelona Metro station (Airport T1 and T2 stations are not included). You must go to one of the ticket vending machines, select the “voucher” button, and then enter the 13-digit code to obtain your card.

Yes, we have a combined rate with which you will be entitled to a single trip by metro or bus (within the TMB) and a single Aerobús ticket. Airport T1 and Airport T2 stations are not included.

You can check the conditions of this and other fares here.

Customer Support

Complaints and suggestions

If this happens, you can send us an email through the contact form indicating the incident. We will attend you as soon as possible so that you can have the ticket in your email.

You have 90 days to return your ticket as long as it has not been used in whole or in part (in the case of roundtrip and combined tickets). You can return it through the page of contact , selecting the claim form.

The driving staff will not accept any refunds.

No, the return of the ticket will be free of charge.

If you wish to make a complaint to the company, you must do so in the official book certified by the Administration, which you can request in the vehicles that provide the services. In addition, you can send it to us through the contactpage of the web, selecting the claims form.

If you wish to make a suggestion in order to improve any of our services or simply tell us about your particular needs, you can do so through the Suggestions Box in the Contact section.

Lost objects

If you have lost an item on the bus, you will need to file a reporton the lost property formon the website, located in the contactsection.

For the moment, you can go (once the incident has been sent on the web) to our collection point located temporarily in Terminal 1 in the departure area. There, we have a service station for travelers 24 hours a day and you can pick up your lost object if it has been found.
We recommend always having valuables close at hand and keeping an eye on your luggage whenever possible.

According to the conditions of service, hand luggage is the responsibility of the passenger, so the company is not responsible for any damage and/or deterioration that may occur, nor in cases of theft, loss or misplacement.

Finally, we remind you that, if you wish, you can file a claim for these events in the official claims book (completed by the competent Administration) that is available to you in the company’s vehicles.