Tips for a sustainable Christmas

Christmas is here and, like every year, it is the time that is most spent and consumed. But good news, you can enjoy the Christmas season in a more responsible and sustainable way. It is not about stopping giving away or stopping making family meals, but about putting aside waste, energy expenditure, infinite meals and being more environmentally conscious and making a better world.


1. Save energy by reducing your consumption.

Although the lights are very pretty to decorate, you don’t have to put your whole house full of lights to show your Christmas spirit. In this way you will only increase your electricity bill and light pollution. Avoid leaving the tree lights on all night and use LED lights for Christmas decorations, which use 90% less energy than traditional lights.


2. Decorate sustainable.

Instead of buying a real Christmas tree that you know will end up in the trash, you can create your own tree with recycled materials such as plastic bottles, books, wooden slats. Also, you can create your own ornaments, without spending money. Use your imagination to decorate your house in a sustainable way, making your decorations with objects that you have at your fingertips such as pine cones, dry branches, plants …


3. Responsible cooking.

Don’t go crazy buying amounts of food that you know won’t run out. Plan a Christmas menu that is good for your pocket and also to take care of the planet. Buy local, fresh and seasonal products, thus avoiding the contamination caused by transporting long distances. Also, try to avoid overly processed and over packaged products.


4. Do not buy to buy.

The richest is not the one who has the most, but the one who needs the least. This phrase is true and we know that at Christmas time we forget a bit, since we are all excited to give gifts to those we love and also receive them. If, in addition, you add all the amount of advertising we receive during these dates, sometimes you don’t know how, but you end up buying things that you don’t really need and that you will only use once. Responsible purchase, it is not necessary to give many things, but one that is really necessary.


5. Give experiences, moments, sensations …

A good gift, instead of buying material things, is to give an activity to do as a couple, family or group of friends. Like a trip, a getaway to the snow, a ticket to the theater, cinema, concert, a massage, a dinner …


6. Recycle!

Avoid using disposable plastic plates, cups, and silverware. Try wrapping the gifts in newspaper, magazines, or putting it in cardboard boxes. Another very original option is to wrap them with fabrics. And after opening the gifts, recycle all the papers.

7. Use public transportation

These are dates that there is a lot of movement since you are going to buy last minute gifts or you are going to travel to the house of your loved ones. Avoid, if possible, take your private car and use public transport. A good option if you are going to travel to the Barcelona airport, is to go by Aerobús, since it is a sustainable transport because all its buses are hybrid and electric.


If we all change small gestures this Christmas, we will become more aware, responsible and help the environment. We will be a good example for the smallest of the family and we will all contribute to a more sustainable Christmas. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!