Table setting ideas for a Christmas table

Christmas is approaching and no matter how much Christmas spirit we have, setting the table can be quite a challenge. If you want to surprise your guests these holidays, we suggest some ideas to decorate your Christmas table.

From Aerobús we make three proposals so that with few details you can achieve great results and have a Christmas table from a magazine.

A classic, elegant and sophisticated style

White and gold Christmas table decoration

White and Gold

A long tablecloth in a neutral tone, a slightly shorter tablecloth in a white tone and ornaments with a predominance of golden tones. Decorate it with a centerpiece with white candles, balls, candle holders on both sides, napkin rings for the occasion and tableware with a subtle gold tone. Be careful not to abuse the golden color. You can also give it a chic touch with a romantic air by combining it with some ornament or element in rose gold.


An informal, rustic and natural style

Rustic Christmas table decoration

Red and green

We present you a proposal with natural elements. Rustic linen table runners in light tones such as beige or cream, as facing tablecloths, ornaments with natural motifs, for example, a centerpiece with natural pine cones, poinsettias and twigs, matt-finish reddish balls and wooden plates. Combine it with rustic ceramic tableware, smooth glassware and copper cutlery.


A casual and colorful style

Christmas table decoration for the little ones

Bright colors and fun decorations

Tablecloth with Christmas motifs to match the plates and glasses. The decoration that stands out are ornaments of houses, reindeer, poinsettias, elements with lights and sound. An idea for the little ones at home. Surely some craft made by them will be the protagonist of this table. We advise you to use wooden or plastic elements.


In any case, whatever your style, surely your table will not leave anyone indifferent and you will succeed this Christmas. Do not forget that your loved ones will surround her, so dress her up for a party. The occasion deserves it!

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