Destinations to spend the end of the year

The most anticipated night of the year, New Year’s Eve, with different traditions to celebrate it. Depending on the country you live in, it will be celebrated in one way or another, in the blog entry of New Year’s Traditions in the world you will be able to learn more about this topic. But today we are talking about original destinations to spend the end of the year.

Celebrating the end of the year in our city is very good, but traveling and experiencing it in another will help you start off on the right foot.

At Aerobúswe want to recommend 5 destinations for you to celebrate the last day of the year in a different way:


For the Spanish it will not be the most original destination, but it will be a classic. We have all followed the chimes on TV for some years from Puerta del Sol, eating the 12 grapes to the sound of the chimes. So, if you want to spend New Year’s Eve in the capital, wrap up warm and go to Puerta del Sol with your grapes and your wishes for the coming year.


If you fancy a more hipster plan, we recommend spending the end of the year in the German capital. The city of Berlin offers many options for all kinds of tastes, it is a great destination if electronic music is your thing. The most typical celebration is to go to the street between the Brandenburg Gate and the Victory Column. Two kilometers of live music, fireworks, a DJ set and a great light and laser show seasoned with food and drink. Berliners throw firecrackers and the countdown is eagerly awaited.


If, on the other hand, you fancy a quieter and more romantic plan, without a doubt, Paris is the right city to spend New Year’s Eve. Walking through the Montmartre district, contemplating the Eiffel Tower, or eating crepes to celebrate New Year’s Eve make it a dream trip. And if you want to put a more romantic point and surprise your partner, you can go on a boat trip along the Seine and let the lights and fireworks work their magic.


Another option is to experience the chimes of Big Ben in London, celebrate it in pubs and watch the fireworks while the traditional song of “Auld Lang Syne” is sung and throw the “party poppers” (tubes from which confetti comes out). Live New Year’s Eve like a real Englishman.


And finally, we suggest you spend a completely atypical end of the year, spend it in short sleeves and a swimsuit, under the sun and on the Tenerife beach. Be the most original of your friends and eat the grapes on a paradisiacal beach or from a Teide viewpoint. Also, you can make the tradition of taking a bath in the sea as a symbol of renewal and purity on January 1. It sure gives you good luck for the next 2023.


As you can see, you can spend New Year’s Eve in different settings, between different cultures, but wherever you go, and if you end up spending it at home, the important thing is that you enjoy it with your family and friends. We wish you a happy new year and a prosperous new year!

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