The sweetest museum in the city, the Chocolate Museum

If you travel with Aerobús from the airport to the city center, if you get off at the last stop, which is called Plaza Cataluña, just a 15-minute walk away you will find the Chocolate Museum.

Located in the Born district, in a historic building that was also associated with chocolate in the 18th century, it is perfect to visit with children, but also for sweet tooth of any age.

Chocolate was present on the menus of the military academies of that century. Since the time of the discoveries, starting in the 15th century, chocolate has played a role within the economic and social fabric of Barcelona. In this way, the port of Barcelona acted as a starting point for the product for its marketing and dissemination throughout Europe.

However, it is in the city, at the end of the 19th century, where the first workshop that transformed chocolate as a drink into a solid product is recognized.

In addition to guided tours, the museum also offers workshops aimed at audiences of different ages and also at professionals in the sector:

  • Pairings with beer, cava or spirits
  • Tastings of all kinds of chocolates
  • Pastry courses for children and adults
  • chocolate art

The Barcelona Chocolate Museum aims to contribute with its activities to the dissemination of chocolate culture in order to increase its cultural and gastronomic value and, at the same time, disseminate the chocolate and pastry tradition of Catalonia.

To have all the information about schedules and prices you can consult it directly by clicking here.