Born Market: a market with a lot of history

Born Market was opened in 1876. It is the first large-scale cast-iron building to be erected in Barcelona. Now, the old market of El Born was transformed into a cultural center (El Born Centre de Cultura i Memòria).

You can get there on foot or by public transport from the Aerobús bus stop at Plaza Cataluña, in about 15 minutes!

Of particular interest among the guests of the city is the part of the center, which is located in the archaeological site with the remains of houses and streets of Barcelona, from the Roman period until the early 18th century.

Born CCM is one of the attractions of the “old” part of Barcelona and tourist destinations of the city. It includes workshops, hold exhibitions and cultural events.

Make the most of your stay in Barcelona! Aerobús takes you directly from El Prat Airport to the center so that you can discover everything that Barcelona has for you.

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