Arc de Triomf: an entrance door like no other

Between Ciutat Vella and L’Eixample, specifically on Passeig Lluís Companys, stands this modernist monument designed by the architect Josep Vilaseca.

With its 30m height and its characteristic red color, this construction does not go unnoticed! Come walking from the Aerobús stop in the central Plaza Cataluña and in just 1km you can see this imposing arch.

The big difference in relation to other triumphal arches is that it does not have a military character, but was built as a gateway to the Barcelona Universal Exhibition of 1888 in the Ciutadella Park and has always been associated with sporting and cultural events. ..

Barcelona has many plans for you, if you travel by plane, Aerobús takes you directly from Josep Tarradellas Airport – El Prat to the centerso you can enjoy all of them.