The 6 happiest cities in the world

At Aerobús we have thought that a visit to the happiest countries and cities in the world could be an unforgettable life experience.

If you are thinking of traveling, but you have not decided on your destination, we propose a very original list so that you can find the country or city that suits you. At Aerobús we have thought that a visit to the happiest countries and cities in the world could be an unforgettable life experience. Grab a pen and paper, because after reading this post you will want to go to more than one destination. Remember that in Aerobús you can access El Prat Airport easily and cheaply, buying your tickets online.

What determines that a country is happy?

“Money does not bring happiness”, and it is that, contrary to popular beliefs, happiness is not determined entirely by the economic capacity of a state. The countries and cities that are in the highest positions in the ONU Annual Happiness Report are placed there because of the ability of their inhabitants to recover from complicated situations: natural catastrophes, attacks, economic problems…

Among the countries that are falling the most in this ranking are great powers in which there are addictions to technology or gambling. These data reveal that what is really important are social connections and not material aspects. Other variables that are taken into account are life expectancy, social assistance, freedom, trust, generosity or the absence of corruption. At Aerobús we want to offer you a list of different destinations, with which you can expand borders in the most enriching way.


One of the destinations that has obtained the highest score since the creation of this list in 2005 is Finland. The key points are their education, their health system and life expectancy, although we must not forget the incredible landscapes that can be seen. We recommend that you visit the Suomenlinna fortress, the village of Santa Claus, the capital Helsinki or put your camera in your suitcase and immortalize the incredible northern lights of Lapland.


Wuyi Shan

Located in the heart of the Fujian province, in China, is Tian XIng Yong Le. It is a large temple in northern China, surrounded by a unique setting. If you undertake this trip you will be able to admire the most incredible valleys, with waterfalls and mysterious caverns, such as the Cueva de la Cortina de Agua. During the journey you can find tea plantations and bamboo groves. Get to know the incredible Asian culture first hand.


On the side of traditions and the purest culture, is Bhutan, a country located in the vicinity of the Himalayas. This country was the one that created the economic indicator of Gross National Happiness, based on sustainable development, preservation, culture, gastronomy and local traditions. Bhutan is a monarchy where you can absorb a way of life that worships the products of its land, ancient temples, Buddhism and the most beautiful landscapes. A perfect destination for the most daring and those who want to escape from major sources of tourism.


Montréal, Québec (Canada)

Montreal is the second largest city in Canada, an incomparable place to visit alone, with your partner or with your family. Among the strong points stands out the old town of Montreal, called Vieux-Montreal, which is surrounded by an eighteenth-century wall and full of European architecture. It is also interesting to walk along the cobbled street St. Paul, inaugurated in 1673 and with a classic European style that will captivate you. It is one of the countries most open to immigrants, a symbol of integration that places it in fourth place in the happiness ranking. It is also famous for the Just for Laughts festival, an event that brings together comedians and comedians from all over the world.


Vanuatu is a country located in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean (1,750 kilometers east of Australia) and made up of 83 small islands that stretch for kilometers. It became independent in 1980, and since then it continues to surprise all its visitors. Vanuatu stands out for its incredible white sand beaches, for its thick jungles and for its exotic cuisine, not suitable for the most sensitive stomachs. Vanuatans are very friendly to visitors and are noted for their hospitality to all tourists and for their strong sense of community. Among the most outstanding attractions are the volcanic peaks, the most crystalline beaches with the possibility of practicing scuba diving or jumping into the void from the traditional wooden towers in the naghol season.



Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world, but also one of the happiest. A place where the warmest smiles and most effusive welcomes abound. The markets of carvings and wooden figures are traditional, but you can also enjoy the most incredible coasts and mountains such as the Liwonde National Park, where you can meet elephants. A destination for the most adventurous and for those passionate about African cultures.


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