San Juan in Barcelona: 5 things you cannot miss

In Barcelona, ​​from June 23 to 24, San Juan is celebrated; a nocturnal festivity associated with the summer solstice and pagan rites that, with bonfires, sought to increase the strength of the Sun to prepare for winter.

In Barcelona, ​​the Llama del Canigó arrives at Plaza Sant Jaume on the afternoon of the 23rd. The fire of this flame lights the different bonfires and never goes out; During the rest of the year it is kept in the Perpignan Castle. At midnight, the flame is distributed among those present until the bonfires of many towns are lit.

Wrapped in magic, the festival on the shortest night of the year has become a tradition. A party that is celebrated both in the street, as in the premises, the beach or in private homes.

Is it the first time that you are coming to enjoy it? We leave you a list with 5 things that you cannot miss if you are going to celebrate San Juan in Barcelona.

  • Try the typical sweet

If there is something that you cannot miss from this festivity, it is the coca de San Juan. There is something for all tastes, since this typical sweet can be of different kinds: with a spongy or crunchy dough, with pine nuts, candied, with marzipan, with cream, cream or chocolate… Without a doubt, an essential for the hottest night! magic of the year!

Barcelona is full of pastry shops specializing in the classic recipe, but if you are one of those who do not hesitate to try it, you will find some very innovative ones.

Accompany it with a glass of cava and you will have the perfect combination.

  • Burn the old in a bonfire

You will find bonfires in many squares in the city, but especially on the beaches; where young people usually go to celebrate to the rhythm of good music.

tradition rules burn all the old to make way for the new; So, get rid of the notes for that subject that you have already passed, burn the letters from your ex and the old furniture that you have not been able to sell on Wallapop and let yourself be invaded by the spirit of renewal that this holiday gives off.

  • celebrate on the beach

If you don’t go to a family dinner (because your grandparents are called Juan and Juanita) and you don’t go to a friend’s party either, the most common place to celebrate San Juan is the beach. There you can enjoy a unique atmosphere, many bonfires and small concerts that will liven up the evening while you wait to see the fireworks.

Of course, most beaches tend to fill up from the afternoon of the 23rd, so if you plan to go with your group we recommend that you go early to reserve a place.

  • Admire the fireworks

Beyond the firecrackers, which you may like or not, watching the fireworks, by the light of a bonfire, on a beach with your friends in summer is a unique experience that you will only experience once a year at most. Don’t miss it, it’s free!

  • Make a wish

Whether you are superstitious or not, there are many magical rituals to perform during the night of San Juan. The most typical: make a wish, put mistletoe under your pillow and it will come true.

The San Juan festival is one of the most exciting moments of the year in Barcelona, ​​so don’t forget this list of 5 things you can’t miss and take advantage of the longest day of the year. If you come to enjoy the party, the Aerobús takes you from the airport to the center in 35 minutes. Buy your Aerobús tickets in advance and enjoy the comfort of traveling with us.