How to prepare your backpack

Do you always travel with a suitcase and this time you have decided on a backpack? Regardless of the destination or the time, what is certain is that the basics that we take on any trip are practically the same. At the moment when we plan a trip, we have to choose whether to carry our things in a suitcase or a backpack.

The backpack has always been associated with short or low-budget trips (backpackers). Today, travel backpacks have become the main choice for travelers of all kinds and with different travel styles.

How can a great quality backpack make your travel dreams easier?

The backpack must be ergonomic and adjustable. It must adapt as well as possible to our back, with a padded and reinforced backrest. It must have a measure appropriate to our weight and height.

Your backpack should want separate compartments and pockets for organization. You need a backpack with enough pockets to carry all the things you need, and make them easily accessible to you.

Also, it is important that they are waterproofas long as our luggage is safe from rain. There are some backpack covers that also protect them from dirt and wear.

Tips to travel with backpack

Tips to prepare your travel backpack

The weight of your backpack should be distributed equally onto your body. Having a hip-strap helps facilitate the upper part of your body to carry your backpack in a more “clever” and functional way. About the distribution, itmes you will use frequently at the top of the backpack and the least frequently at the bottom.

It is better to put the footwear in the lower part, then the clothes will come and in the upper part what you need to have more at hand such as the toiletry bag or the first aid kit. Fold your clothes! Roll them by trying to tighten them as much as possible to compact them a maximum.

We recommend that you take what is essential and forget about the “just in case”. Remember you will find stores in the country you will visit!


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What are you waiting for to put your backpack on your back and start traveling around the world?