Free sculpture route in Barcelona

The city of Barcelona is full of monuments, museums, works of art and places of interest. Many of them have to be paid to visit, but there is a sculpture route in the city that is worth knowing and it is also free.

We want you to be encouraged to make the route of these works of Contemporary Art, for this reason, we make you a compilation of the best. You can start the route in the order we give you. If you arrive downtown with the Aerobús, the first stop is Plaza España.


La Dona i Ocell by Joan Miró

It was a gift that Joan Miró gave to the city of Barcelona. Commonly known as Dona i Ocell, which means The Woman and the Bird, its original name was Dona-bolet amb barret de lluna. The sculpture has the honor of being Miró’s last public sculpture, since he would die in 1983, a few months after its inauguration by the then mayor, Pasqual Maragall. The work, 22 meters high, worked on concrete and resting on an artificial pond, represents a female figure with a hat on which a bird perches. You can find it in the Parque del Escorxador, in Plaza España.



Botero’s Cat

This cat, located in the Raval neighborhood, was bought by the Barcelona City Council from Fernando Botero. This sculpture has been moved four times. It started in the Parque de la Ciutadella, then it was placed in the Lluís Companys Stadium (Olympic Games in Barcelona in 1992), then it was located in the Plaza Blanquerna (next to Plaza Drassanes) and finally in 2003 it was placed in the Rambla del Raval.


Mariscall’s Shrimp

Near the Raval, we find the giant shrimp with lobster legs, specifically, on the seafront. It is Javier Mariscal’s shrimp, a giant sculpture commissioned from the creator of Cobi as a result of the renovation of the Barcelona coastline for the Olympic Games. What in principle should have been the claim for one of the various restaurants specialized in seafood that emerged in the Moll de la Fusta, ended up becoming an identity icon of the maritime area.

The face of Barcelona

The work of Roy Lichtenstein, on Paseo Colon at the height of Via Layetana stands a 15 meter sculpture called La Cara de Barcelona (The Heat). This sculpture was made for the Barcelona Olympics in 1992. It is designed as large brushstrokes that form the face on a background of red chromatic dots arranged in relief and covered with mosaic, as a tribute by the artist to Catalan modernism.

Now that you know where they are, what are you waiting for? go out to tour the city and take a walk to see them live. Don’t forget to take photos with each of them!

Remember that Aerobús takes you from the airport to the city center in just 35 minutes and that the service is 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Quickly buy your ticket online and start your visit in Barcelona.