Destinations without a beach to enjoy the summer

With the arrival of summer comes the long-awaited vacations, but how many of us don’t like going to the beach? Having to go early to be able to take a place, plant your umbrella and lay down your towel depending on which beach is quite a challenge. Getting sand everywhere, being sticky from sunscreen… If you are one of these, calm down, you are not alone.

For this reason, at Aerobús, we tell you different destinations in Europe where you will enjoy many other things than the beach.

Warsaw, Poland

The city of Warsaw is not one of the most chosen to spend holidays, but it is ideal for a getaway with family and friends.

The city has emblematic places such as the Old Town Market Square and its colorful buildings, the Palace of Culture and Science which is the tallest building in Poland, the Łazienki Park and its palaces, pavilions and greenhouses. Also, you can walk around «Krakowskie Przedmieście”, the most prestigious street in the Polish capital, and you cannot miss visiting the Warsaw Barbican, the historic fortifications that once surrounded Warsaw.

Without a doubt, it is a different destination, but we can assure you that it will not leave you indifferent.

Berlin Germany

Berlin is a city that mixes the classic with the modern. Full of important historical moments, it is a star destination. His city shows the splendor and optimism of an advanced society with its bars, cafes, alternative shops and modern restaurants, combined with visits to the Holocaust legacy, the remains of the Wall with graffiti or multiple historical buildings. A trip to Berlin begins with a welcome at the Brandenburg Gate and ends wherever you want.

Prague, Czech Republic

You will have heard of “the most beautiful city in Europe” or the “City of a Hundred Towers”. Prague catches you from the beginning of your trip. The incredible atmosphere of the Old Town Square and its historic center. A trip to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, in the center of the Bohemian region translates into a walk through the old, romantic and nostalgic charm that the Prague Castle, the medieval Astronomical Clock, the Cathedral and many other places located on both sides of the Vltava River, without forgetting the pedestrian Charles Bridge and its towers and statues.

Milano, Italy

It is the industrial city largest in Italy. It is sophisticated and cosmopolitan, an ideal setting to spend a vacation or for a weekend getaway or mini-vacation. Do you have places like Duomo Square and the Cathedral they have a spectacular splendor. Also, you can’t miss the Last Supper by Leonardo Davinci. If you like fashion, you have to go to aquadrilaterode of moda, also known as Quad d’Oro, you will find the most sophisticated and expensive clothing stores in all of Milan.


As you have already seen, not everything is beach on vacation. If you catch the Aerobús, remember that it takes you to the Barcelona airport every day of the year and that it works 24 hours a day. you can buy your ticket here.