Better Connections (European Mobility Week)

Like every year, from September 16 to Thursday 22, the European Mobility Week, an initiative that promotes more sustainable, safe and healthy mobility habits such as traveling on foot, by bicycle, by public transport or by electric vehicle, as well as making possible changes in the use of public space visible, improving air quality and reducing pollution.

Its motto is “Better Connections” and whose objective is to spread the benefits of using sustainable modes of transport. Closing this week is the “Day without cars”, which is celebrated on September 22, and consists of reserving one or more public areas of the municipalities that participate in this campaign for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport.

The idea is not only to change the transport habits of citizens, but also to promote public policies that promote the use and adequate areas for free transit through these means of transport.

At Aerobús we collaborate with this initiative to promote sustainable transport, since all the vehicles are hybrid and electric and in this way we also collaborate with the environment.